New Sites on the Web from Week of October 15, 2001

  1. - With computers already an essential part of our everyday lives, parents need fun and friendly ways to introduce babies to the online world they'll explore as young learners. offers parents and babies a place to learn together without bothersome advertising or product plugs. Offers several interactive features for parents and babies to enjoy together, including Smile Maker, which is designed to get a baby's attention while developing eye movement, encouraging site-sound coordination and teaching numbers and shapes.
  2. Ben & Jerry - Every October, the number of visitors to Ben & Jerry's legend-dairy website more than doubles, as fascinated fans keep coming back for another heaping haunted helping of Halloween fun. And it's ready and waiting for you again -- just click on the frightfully popular links at to embark on a spine-tinglin' tour through the Virtual Haunted House.
  3. Intertainer - First widely available Video-On-Demand Service with thousands of hit movies, TV shows, and music videos. a vast library of top-tier content and hit movies, the highest quality audio and video and massive reach to millions of broadband-enabled households. Any time of the day or night, without leaving the comfort of their homes, subscribers can choose from a huge selection of movies like "The Mexican" with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts -- with no driving, no titles ever out of stock, no worn-out tape copies and never any late fees.
  4. SKOLAR MD - A new database has been added to Stanford SKOLAR MD covering key information regarding Public Health Preparedness. The focus of the initial collection is Biological and Chemical Terrorism. This database provides current information on both biological and chemical agents as well as general information.
  5. GenerationMom - Dedicated to helping Moms reinvent the way we manage our personal and professional lives using the best resources technology the Internet has to offer. GenerationMom professional channels present flexible work options such as telecommuting, job-sharing, consulting, auctioneering and running a small business. On the home front, GenerationMom offers links to Web sites that can show you how to condense a day of errands into one hour.
  6. - An educational digital film site explaining the process of film making in terms that can be understood by any level of filmmaker. Through movie production templates, product reviews, an online store, and film submissions, is spreading the art of digital filmmaking. The launch includes new tutorials in the "Learn" section, reviews of DV related products and software, digital video products for sale in the "Shop" section, and films posted in the "Watch" section.
  7. Acurian - Provides customized information supporting 215 medical conditions to individuals interested in emerging treatment options. New, sophisticated personalization and customization features enable individuals to rapidly find clinical trials and related information specific to their needs in a highly confidential manner. The redesigned site is based on three distinct types of information -- enrolling Clinical Trials, News & Features, and Drug Information.
  8. Email to America - Wired Kids, Cyberangels and ePALS Classroom Exchange have partnered to launch Email to America, a campaign enabling youngsters worldwide to share their thoughts with each other, heroes in New York City, the White House and Servous, a real-life WTC rescue dog. These letters will be posted (without any personally identifying information from the children) at the site and at the partners’ and supporters’ sites, and will be delivered by hand to those to whom they are addressed.
  9. Nikotel - The Communication Service Provider now offers customers free downloadable internet software as an alternative to the telephone. It takes only seconds to download and transforms any computer with internet connection, soundcard and headset into a communication center. Annoying hissing and cut-off words are a thing of the past -- no matter if the Nikotel user calls another PC or a telephone. Add a webcam and transform your nikotel into a free videophone, so you not only hear but also see your partner.
  10. Comet Systems - Comet Systems has updated its software to include prominent cursors of the American Flag, Memorial Candles, New York Fire Department, New York Police Department, and other icons memorializing the September 11th terrorist attacks. The free memorial cursors can be downloaded for free at The cursors are available for Windows desktops as well as for user Websites.
  11. - A Web site that places a wide range of helpful resources right at the fingertips of in-house counsel. Registered users of the new site have free access to the new online edition of the highly regardedMartindale-Hubbell Law Digest. Searchable by state, keywords, and subject and category of law, this useful compendium presents updated summaries of the laws of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and more than 80 other countries worldwide.
  12. My Call Savings - An independent website that provides both business and residential users an individual assessment and recommendation of the most appropriate telecom packages available.
  13. Jurassic Park Institute - The most comprehensive and dynamic dinosaur destination on the web. It features a variety of news, information, games, activities, and guides for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Visitors will find the latest dinosaur news, ranging from recent discoveries, to editorials from leading paleontologists, to entertainment news. You will also be able to play a variety of dinosaur-themed games, search through the Dinopedia to learn about your favorite dinosaurs and the world in which they lived, and even locate dinosaur exhibits in their local areas.
  14. - A time-saving, affordable way to send personal holiday greetings or Photo Cards to family and friends. Choose from a wide variety of card designs, including cards with borders for use with your favorite photo that you can easily upload, provide your mailing list and will do the rest.
  15. Touchpoint - Personal Greeting to Each of Your Business Contacts. Touchpoint's technology instantly creates, prints, addresses, stamps and mails an attractive, warmly personalized message (for example, "Dear Mike: Thanks for your business this year") in your holiday greeting, mailing on the next business day -- or at a future date of your choice. What's unique to Touchpoint is that your cards, mailed in individually printed, first-class-stamped 5" x 7" envelopes, arrive in mailboxes looking like personal correspondence.
  16. Give Back A Smile - This program was established by the The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) out of a desire to give something back to the community, specifically, to help survivors of unfortunate circumstances related to domestic abuse. Through this program, AACD members volunteer their time and talents in restoring the smiles of survivors of domestic violence who have suffered damage to, or lost, their front teeth due to abusive attacks. Through the program, the AACD's goal is to help restore the appearance and self-esteem levels of those who have been abused.
  17. - Offers dozens of items featuring Kellogg's characters like Tony the Tiger, Dig'em and Toucan Sam. The site's selection includes clothing and accessories, toys, home products, collectibles and Kellogg's Racing gear.

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