New Sites on the Web from Week of November 12, 2001

  1. The Presidential Prayer Team - Anyone can browse the website's many features, which include citations and archival photos of past presidents and patriots. It is designed to remind the viewer of the religious heritage of our nation, focusing particularly on the importance of prayer. Prayer requests for the President, the Cabinet and the nation are updated weekly, and are coupled with inspirational quotes and verses.
  2. Automotive Design & Production Magazine - A new section on the website's home page titled "Driven" is a new weekly feature. Each week, editors review a new vehicle and share their views on the pluses and minuses of these cars and trucks. A total of five reviews will be immediately accessible off the main page of the website, with a new review added each week and the oldest one dropped off and archived.
  3. - Offers individuals a way to create personal e-mails that will be sent automatically after their death, transmitting final messages to family, friends or associates. Subscribers create up to 60 individual e-mails that can each address up to 25 recipients. The e-mails can be updated any time, and can include a photo or a video file, all of which are kept in strict confidence. TimelessMail relies on Social Security Administration death records to trigger release of the e-mails.
  4. The Dark Nile - An anti-terrorist thriller written exclusively for e-mail audiences. Using e-mail, the Internet's most popular application, "The Dark Nile" is a story of international espionage told through a series of interactive e-mails written by Jesse Kornbluth, noted online editor, author and screenwriter.
  5. Verizon Wireless - A new, simple-to-use short text messaging Web site that makes it a snap to send text messages to individuals and groups and lets customers set up cool and useful information alerts.
  6. - A premier apparel and gift retailer for men of average and extra large sizes. drives shoppers directly to products that meet the tailored needs of big and tall men, and yet female shoppers can still find a wealth of products to buy for men of all sizes.
  7. Gruvo Auction - The first animated auction with LivePerson Live Chat. Gruvo is also breaking more new ground with the launch of Gruvo Auction TV on AOL/Time Warner, the first television show to directly support an online auction. Gruvo is a community, with virtually human animations, that bring the site and the items featured to life.
  8. Digital Photography Review - Web site for online news, reviews, and tips on digital photography. The site has reviews of the latest cameras, from consumer point-and-shoots to professional megapixel models. The "side by side" comparison is especially useful as you pick similar models of cameras from among dozens of full reviews for their comparative features and values. Its "galleries" offer pictures actually taken with the cameras, and you can download and print them out to compare resolution, color, and other factors.
  9. Garfield Games - You can engage in dozens of board games, mind games, card games, and good-old-fashioned fun, anytime, day or night. Play Solitaire, Euchre, Crossword Puzzles, Spades, Backgammon, or Parcheesi. The only Internet game site that offers leader boards, pitting serious game-players against one-another in the quest for beating someone else's score.
  10. Selfhelpworks - With the Great American Smokeout right around the corner, Selfhelpworks, a developer of programs to help individuals break free of addictions, offer the online availability of Living Free(TM), a comprehensive smoking cessation course that utilizes Internet based tools and proven cognitive therapy to help participants quit smoking and remain free of the addiction permanently.
  11. - A new Web site brought to you by Prevent Blindness America enables both patients and health care professionals to obtain information and resources needed for the prevention of vision loss from diabetes.
  12. Nellie Mae - This redesigned resource for college-financing information features enhanced content, simpler navigation paths and new menu bars to better serve students and schools. Continues to offer interactive tools and information to help borrowers obtain and manage education loans such as instant online prequalification, which offers borrowers a convenient, secure method of becoming pre-approved for an education loan.
  13. - Web's first gaming site dedicated to providing game enthusiasts with state-of-the-art imaging capabilities. Download SnagIt 6.0, the newest version of the industry's most popular screen-capture software. The DirectX capabilities in SnagIt make it ideal for capturing live-action images of nearly any game.
  14. Browse3D - With the Browse3D Browser, users can find and view multiple Web pages simultaneously in a three-walled display and save Web pages as active or static information in "sticky rooms" to refer to them later or send them to colleagues and friends. Dial-up users can speed up the Internet by pre-fetching pages to be visually displayed while still viewing content on the current page.
  15. Thanksgiving Recipes - From appetizers to desserts, has you covered--and there's even a vegetarian feast listed. The site promises "to make your Thanksgiving banquet picture-perfect and stress-free" with its offering of recipes, menu ideas, cooking hints and planning tips.
  16. Happy Thanksgiving from - There are coloring pages, jokes, riddles, games, word puzzles, screensavers, crafts and recipes--all related to Thanksgiving. An entertaining and educational site for little ones.
  17. The First Thanksgiving - Brought to you from, this site is intended for children in grades K through 8. The site teaches about the origins of the November holiday in an interesting and interactive way. You can relive the voyage on the Mayflower and experience life in Plymouth in 1621.

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