New Sites on the Web from Week of November 15

  1. - The only Web site that combines an Internet tour of the North Pole with a telephone call from Santa Claus. The site synchronizes a visual presentation on a computer screen, combined with an audio presentation over the phone, to provide an entertaining activity for the whole family to enjoy together.
  2. eStar - Offers one of the largest collections of celebrity-focused content, community, and commerce; the StarSites section provides profiles on each star, including eStar-exclusive biographies of their careers and lives, along with photos, credits, fun facts, links, enlightening quotes and charity interests.
  3. - An online community for individuals over 50 years of age; the site features nine core channels, including personal health, personal finance, travel, family, arts and entertainment, Internet and training, sports, lifestyle, and politics.
  4. The FaucetDepot - Offers a huge selection of brand name kitchen and bathroom faucets at the lowest possible prices; if you don't see the product on the Web site, The Faucet Depot will order any faucet available on the market. Also available are china lavatories and toilets as well as cast iron sinks.
  5. Zip Up The Web - Insight's Web page "zipping" utility, allows users to download an HTML page or pages and all the ancillary files on that page with the single click of a mouse button. The product then wraps all of these files into a single self-extracting executable that can be archived and/or emailed.
  6. Republican National Committee - The RNC's Web site will serve as a portal for anyone on the World Wide Web to learn more about the Republican Party, the candidates, and their ideas.
  7. - Children don't get sick only during business hours. To help their parents gain access to important medical information 24 hours a day, the U.S.' largest pediatric healthcare services company has developed the nation's first personalized pediatric Web site.
  8. - Under the banner "College at High Speed," Zilo was created to offer the college market a wide range of high bandwidth rich media, including live events, original television productions, and content developed exclusively for the online community.
  9. - Leading Linux e-commerce site and portal, forging a new business model based on Open Source and Community involvement; dedicated to providing the best news, information, selection, service and prices to benefit the Linux Community.
  10. - The site offers fresh cut, premium grade, real Christmas trees and wreaths delivered to homes, apartments and offices. Customers can order their tree today and choose the week of delivery.
  11. - The site offers products ranging from fine leather wallets, luggage and cases to shoes, silk scarves and cashmere.
  12. The Vatican - The Holy See is the official Vatican Web site; find out about the Holy Father, the Vatican city state, the museums and libraries/secret archives, the Roman Curia.
  13. - In addition to being able to store files on the Web for free, subscribers can now up/download multiple files at once to/from the Web, notify other users about those files, allow other users to read or to edit those files, and track which users have accessed their files.
  14. AtEvent - Web site for promoting parties, concerts, business and community functions and other events all over the world; create your own posters and invitations, advertise your events and send out personal invitations.
  15. Martindale-Hubbell Profession - The first online directory of professional legal staff members such as law librarians, law firm administrators and marketing professionals; the Professional Legal Staff Directory is a searchable database that contains more than 1,800 biographies of legal professionals.
  16. - A comprehensive women's e-commerce site for beauty and personal care products; the only authorized beauty destination to have both department store and drugstore product lines available on the same site.
  17. - A manufacturer of fitness equipment addressing the needs of a diverse array of customers. dedicated to becoming your #1 source for health and fitness products.
  18. - Large inventory of Movie and TV Show branded posters, apparel, kitchenware, gifts and collectibles.
  19. - The world's largest network of more than 425 sports team and specialty Web sites, with more than 700 writers and experts who deliver leading in-depth team and player coverage; fans can access the latest information on their favorite team's website.
  20. - DealPilot Express resides on users' desktops to provide price comparisons instantly while browsing any leading online shop. Senses when a shopper is about to make a purchase and immediately searches the Web in real time for the best offers on a book, movie or CD, including shipping and tax.
  21. - A domestic designer, importer and distributor of branded, high quality, hand-crafted collectibles and other specialty giftware products.
  22. RadioSpy - By downloading the free RadioSpy software, music fans can immediately access the largest collection of radio stations on the Web. Users can also download the RadioSpy DJ Tools, a free application that helps users quickly and easily build their own online MP3 radio stations.
  23. - A one-stop web destination for value-added vacation travel products; offers three different types of travel products - clikVacations, clikInns and clikCruises, each offering full and secure online booking capabilities.
  24. - Provides a free service for Internet companies to partner and swap resources. Internet startup companies invariably are looking for the same things, among them employees, technology, hosting facilities and strategic partners. PartnerGarden provides a place where they can find it all.
  25. Hunger-Free Holiday - With a few simple clicks, visitors to the Hunger-Free Holiday Web site can make contributions directly to America's Second Harvest via secure credit card transactions from now until Dec. 31. For every dollar donated, America's Second Harvest distributes 34 pounds of food and grocery products to needy Americans.
  26. - Offers five complete menus from which to choose. Once selected, users can print complete shopping lists for these menus. Also offers hundred of unique recipe ideas for the holiday feast.
  27. myCaster - Users can create a full-fledged radio station in minutes and no FCC license is needed; users simply drag and drop files such as mp3 or .wav onto the application and it immediately begins netcasting.
  28. - Offers easy and affordable online shopping for a dazzling array of diamonds, pearls, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings in gold, silver, and platinum at 30% to 70% off retail prices.
  29. FreeLotto - Win the Internet's first ever lump sum million dollar cash prize; to participate, players log on and select their six numbers; once selected, the numbers appear on a game board and the player is asked to click on one of three ad banners in order to submit the FreeBet, which is then confirmed via e-mail.
  30. - Offers subscribers a free personal fax number and free usage of that number so they can receive private faxes to their own e-mail account.
  31. MP3 Hardware - Focuses on emerging portable hardware devices designed to play digital music files.

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