New Sites on the Web from Week of December 4, 2000

  1. Spaceflight Now - Find all the latest spaceflight news on space exploration and view the latest mission photos. Read the latest news on the International Space Station along with some excellent photos of Martian lakebeds. You will also find a running log of completed launches from around the world.
  2. - An e-commerce site giving seniors nationwide the opportunity to supplement their incomes, launch new businesses and expand the market for their hand-crafted goods. features products from senior artisans and craftspeople in categories ranging from Apparel to Yard and Garden.
  3. Olive Garden - Guests can experience the food, wine and spirit of Italy with just the click of a mouse. The Web site is designed to be informative, educational and fun. Guests can access cooking tips, authentic Italian recipes, explore food and wine pairings, and learn about Olive Garden wines.

  4. clickTV - clickTV is an accurate online listings service. Information is added and refreshed daily with the most aggressive update schedule online. clickTV provides online users with the television information they want to make their daily viewing decisions about what's on and what to watch.

  5. Hide/Seek/NYC - In Hide/Seek/NYC, a web-based reality game currently playing on the web and in the streets of Manhattan, three New Yorkers have given up their everyday lives to live as fugitives. As they move around the city completing daily tasks, their moves are tracked on the website. Viewers can tune in to the site to follow the action, then take to the streets to apprehend a fugitive. The final fugitive caught carries a $10,000 bounty.
  6. I Bet You Will - A reality based game show that challenges random people on the street to perform outlandish feats for cash, with free 5-minute webisodes posted on the site each week.
  7. Kirabo - An online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry. Kirabo's collection of precious loose diamonds, and diamond, gold and platinum jewelry are showcased within its virtual store, designed to mirror the architectural structure and design of a contemporary, luxury bricks and mortar store.
  8. - Offers comfortable easy shopping, quick efficient checkout, an expanded selection of world-class merchandise and special holiday events. Visitors can click through the departments including designer fashion, beauty, home furnishings and generation y.e.s for a virtual in-store experience and are even given the option to window shop the 59th Street displays.
  9. - A website that offers performing arts lovers worldwide the chance to access their favorite performances at the click of a button. Embracing the latest technology in audio-visual streaming, has recently premiered the film of the Royal National Theatre's production of Merchant of Venice, and streamed live performances from some of the most famous performing arts venues in the world.
  10. EmergingMed - A new web-based matching and referral service, EmergingMed, is set to offer a real-time, 21st century tool to help the medical community find cancer patients to participate in clinical trials more quickly and accurately than ever before. Powered by fully-scalable, proprietary technology, EmergingMed will pre-qualify, then link patients directly to appropriate trial sites over the Internet.
  11. GiveSpot - A new free online resource center that simplifies the search for volunteer and philanthropic opportunities. makes it easy to find and evaluate more than 700,000 nonprofit and charitable organizations, research information on nearly 60,000 foundations, locate more than 25,000 volunteer opportunities, explore social issues and much more.
  12. - A Web site devoted to spoof ads. has launched the clickable video revolution. Clickable video allows internet users to click on moving video and change the clip, replace characters or punch someone in the face if they don't like them.
  13. - This site provides Motif programmers with an invaluable resource to help them in creating professional user interfaces with Motif, the world's most popular graphical toolkit for the X Window System. Motif is the standard graphical look-and-feel delivered with most versions of the UNIX(R) operating system, including Sun's Solaris(R), HP-UX(R), SGI Irix(R) and IBM's AIX(R).
  14. - Share your personal Christmas experience with family, friends, co-workers and others worldwide. Provides personalized holiday convenience services in the areas of e-commerce and community. The Web site will embed SingleShop's patent-pending SingleOrder(TM) platform on their site to enable visitors to search for products from multiple merchants and pay for everything at once through a single shopping cart and universal checkout.
  15. Party Works - Now parents can plan the ultimate party for their child with just a few clicks of the mouse, with the new online party planner, "Partyworks." Launched today by, Partyworks offers over 90 themed parties for parents and children to choose from.
  16. Womens Health Channel - Addresses the needs of women searching for health information on the Internet. Provides detailed information about medical conditions, including symptoms, causes and treatment options. Physicians develop the information and monitor the site for accuracy, ensuring quality and reliability of content. Visitors to the site can chat online with board-certified physician specialists, as well as with others who may share the same health concerns.
  17. CinemaNow - This Web site currently streams over 200 feature length films, using the Windows Media Player as its viewing platform. CinemaNow controls exclusive Internet distribution rights to over 800 films.
  18. American Airlines Cargo - American Airlines Cargo, a leader in the worldwide airfreight industry, launches AA Today(SM), its same day package delivery product. Customers can now use the Internet to quickly arrange for same day pick-up and delivery of their urgent shipments.
  19. The American West - is a virtual Old West town with merchandise, an on-line auction site, radio station with real Western swing, free e-mail, cool Cowgirl e-postcards, CDs, full-length early Western movies 24/7, fine art and community centers which provide information on "everything Western" and it allows visitors to interact with the company and with each other.

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