New Sites on the Web from Week of December 6

  1. Boudin Bakery - The online site offers home delivery of gifts that include Boudin Bakery's famous sourdough French bread and a variety of other "only in San Francisco" food and bakery treats.
  2. Union Rescue Mission - By logging on daily from Monday, Dec. 13 up through Christmas Eve, viewers nationwide can find out just about everything they've always wanted to know about poverty and homelessnes s through the eyes of one of America's large rescue missions
  3. The Annual NORAD Tracks Santa Claus Website - How does Santa fly around the world so quickly and deliver so many toys in just 24 hours? You can get answers to questions like these - in addition to tracking Santa's progress live on Christmas Eve - via, the official interactive website of the U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).
  4. iGift - Use the GiftFinder search engine to make it easier to find the perfect gift. The shopper tells the GiftFinder relevant information about the gift recipient - the person's interests, hobbies, gender, age - the occasion and the desired price range. The GiftFinder then returns products that meet the criteria with the most appropriate gift.
  5. Beeper for a Buck - A new $1 pager program; offers new pagers and contracts for pager service via online electronic purchase on the Internet. Customers will be able to purchase the pager, sign on for monthly air time service, pay by credit or debit card and have the pager delivered "active" to their homes or offices by courier service.
  6. - Empowers consumers to access a diverse selection of movies, children's and sports programming, information and other services, on-demand; delivers real time, on-demand, full broadband, streamed movies and television programming, via the Internet.
  7. Wingspan Bank - The Wingspan Mutual Fund Profiler is the industry's easiest and most comprehensive way for consumers to find, review and purchase more than 5,500 mutual funds online; compare an array of mutual funds based on the features that you feel are important in a mutual fund.
  8. - Free to Web users and promises to be the definitive source for animation on the Internet. Dedicated solely to the global promotion of the art of animation, this unique new channel will broadcast Animation Only -- in all of its forms -- something not available anywhere else on the Web.
  9. - You name your price and sit back and watch the biggest retailers on the Web compete to match it; get incredible deals on millions of new products -- from computers, software, and electronics, to books, music, and movies.
  10. - You name your price and sit back and watch the biggest retailers on the Web compete to match it; get incredible deals on millions of new products -- from computers, software, and electronics, to books, music, and movies.
  11. - A unique fine art destination featuring video and audio interviews with artists; brings you live Ecasts from selected artists' studios and special art events.
  12. - Helps consumers make educated online purchasing decisions by allowing them to compare prices and products, and read independent professional and consumer reviews of online merchants and products.
  13. - Walks you through all the steps it takes to build an effective Web site. "Start Here" is the place for beginners. "Plan" guides you through the important first stage of your site. "Design" shows you how to make your site look good. "Build" tells you how to create your site. "Grow" gives you the information you need to make your site successful.
  14. -'s plug-in, based on Microsoft's ActiveX open architecture programming technology, makes the browser more visually appealing and adds feature not found on any other Internet browser. At the same time, it retain the familiar interface and standard functionality; allows users to add "skins" that quickly and easily customize the appearance of the Web browser.
  15. YouZoom - Lets consumers compare rates and policy options from leading insurance companies and then immediately purchase policies online at an agent's Web site.
  16. - If someone has a complaint, they go to the website and register a complaint by filling out a very short form. The website then emails the complaint to whoever i s responsible for the issue at the relevant company. The complaint is posted on the site, and the company is invited to post a reply. The complainant then rates how satisfied they are with the company's reply.
  17. - A consumer legal website provides real-time, one-on-one personalized guidance from a battery of lawyers, Free, over the Internet. "FreeAdvice Live" connects consumers directly with a lawyer who can answer their questions immediately, at no charge, using LivePerson's customer support technology.
  18. - Created by ball players for ball players, turns a user's computer into a 24-hour basketball network. Each and every weekday, features new original video content from the playgrounds, colleges and the pros not available anywhere else.
  19. CallMeSanta - After registering, visitors receive a recorded phone call from Santa that is synchronized with an animated virtual tour of the North Pole by Santa's helper, Tinsel. The tour ends by giving children the option of completing a "wish list," which is then e-mailed to parents, family or friends.
  20. - By aggregating content from a large number of sources in the jazz industry including musicians, journalists, radio disc jockeys, and fans, the site has become the largest jazz record store in the world with over 25,000 jazz recordings with exclusive and historical digital downloads.
  21. EchoBuzz - A voicemail service for teens that incorporates the elements of chat and email all via the traditional telephone. Subscribers can send, retrieve, forward, save and reply to messages; set up group distribution lists for broadcast messaging, and record a personal greeting.
  22. Sampleville - A free service dedicated to offering fast and easy access to the best product samples on the Internet.
  23. - Visitors can browse the company's extensive gallery of more than 15,000 free wallpaper/screensaver images and 39,000 poster images, access the new holiday galleries, or search f or rare and hard-to-find items. In addition, users can send wallpaper/screensavers to family and friends in the form of personalized greeting cards.
  24. - The only search service on the Internet to provide real answers from real people in real time. The free service is available to all Internet users who visit the Web site.

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