New Sites on the Web from Week of December 9, 2002

  1. Google Shopping - The American Heart Association announces the launch of My AmericanHeart for Professionals, a comprehensive Web resource for healthcare professionals in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine fields.
  2. - A subscription-based Flash components website by IMSI's wholly owned subsidiary,, Inc. Professional looking, browser independent, and quick to download, Flash animations are popular among designers who wish to make their web pages more compelling and interactive. A membership facilitates the authoring of Flash animations, giving subscribers download access to more than 500 royalty-free Flash interfaces, animations, buttons, audio loops, and sound effects.
  3. Underground Railroad - January 1 marks the 140th anniversary of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, the landmark 1863 document that led to the end of slavery in the United States. Coinciding with this anniversary, the U.S. National Park Service -- in conjunction with its official non-profit partner, the National Park Foundation -- has unveiled an updated "National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom" Web site, devoted to preserving the famed network of escape sites, shelters, and destination sites used by individuals who resisted enslavement by escaping, while also serving as the national aggregator of local, regional, and national historical information on the topic.
  4. StandardsAmericas - A new Web site launched by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA), a major developer of international standards, provides broad access throughout North, Central and South America to technical standards created by the IEEE and other standards development organizations (SDOs). It is a multidimensional resource for anyone who wants to learn about, obtain and formulate technical standards, especially in telecommunications, information technology, and power and energy.
  5. instantET - ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, the #1 entertainment newsmagazine in the world, has launched instantET, a real-time computer desktop application that delivers exclusive, groundbreaking entertainment news whenever viewers are online. instantET delivers entertainment news headlines and breaking news alerts, Hollywood inside information, video and entertainment trivia. Free download is provided.
  6. Santa's Bag of Coal - Know someone who just wasn't very nice? Tradition says those that don't behave receive coal from Santa at Christmas. Instead of just a lump in the stocking how about a whole bag! Santa's Bag of Coal is the perfect, lighthearted way to send that message or just to joke with a good friend!

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