New Sites on the Web from Week of December 20

  1. Police - The Law Enforcement Magazine - The site offers an interrogation room where the viewer can answer the question of the month and possibly win a prize; a different survey each month to promote feedback; tips on items such as fitness, diet and managing daily routines in a health corner; links to related sites. is a user-friendly site that offers current information on all aspects of the law enforcement industry.
  2. Reeds Jewelers - Offers consumers the opportunity to buy fine jewelry on the web from the nation's 10th largest specialty retail jeweler. The Company offers diamonds, gold, and giftware and allows customers to pay for their purchases using a Reeds Gold Card or other major credit cards.
  3. - Offers online visitors the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of children living with HIV/AIDS, is one of five charities selected by PricewaterhouseCoopers' Leadership Committee for a "NY/NJ/CT Holiday Card Campaign" that encourages employees to make donations or volunteer time as an alternative to traditional gift-giving.
  4. - For the cyber-fit, offers Fitness Tracking, a new Website feature that records and charts personal fitness online. The first feature of its kind on the Web, Fitness Tracking allows users to set priorities and monitor them on a daily basis. From calories burned to body composition, Fitness Tracking acts with the precision of a personal cyber-trainer.
  5. World Prayer - The website features an interactive Millennium Prayerboard, where people can post their prayers and thoughts for the new Millennium. It also has a Heavenly Portal section which contains hundreds of links to leading Christian churches and educational, entertainment, and bible reading resources on the Internet.
  6. Family Wonder - A leading online family entertainment retailer that provides tools to help parents, friends, and relatives select and purchase the best products for kids. In addition to over 50,000 products, the site includes unbiased expert product reviews, recommendations, and other features such as a gift finder and "Kid Match," a proprietary product selection tool.
  7. - has introduced BrainMatter, a fully featured online spreadsheet that it says has the same basic features and functions as Microsoft Excel. Users can create a spreadsheet, work on it and save it online without having to download or install anything.
  8. Publishers Clearing House - Famous for its direct mail multi-million dollar sweepstakes prizes for decades, has launched, a new company that brings to the web a $21,000,000 sweepstakes -- the largest on the internet. Visitors to the site will be provided with a superior sweepstakes and game-playing experience and at the same time be exposed to `winning deals' on a variety of merchandise and magazine offers.
  9. - Has successfully built the largest gated internet community for fraternal organizations. Gives fraternity, sorority, and collegiate alumni organizations a more efficient way of reaching their members - saving both time and money.
  10. National Institute of Health - A Clinical Trials Database that is an information resource about clinical trials. The site provides access to several databases containing facts and reports about public and privately funded clinical studies. Find information about cancer and AIDS trials, eye disease trials, and trials for Alzheimer's disease.
  11. - A consumer complaints Web site where Internet users can complain about faulty goods or poor service. The service aims to help people in their fight to get what they paid for, or to be compensated.
  12. - Novice Internet users can log on to for assistance. The site provides a number of guides on how to use online auctions, how to access streaming audio and video, how to shop and chat and more. Information and quick tips will also help new users with Web navigation and understanding of Internet features and terms.
  13. - Designed for the volunteer wannabe who needs to link up with the right organization. Just enter your volunteer skills and desires. The service will find the right non-profit organization for you.
  14. - An Internet-based company that is trying to get every public and private school in the country to sign up and post school cancellations.
  15. - An Internet-based service that discretely delivers medication reminders to cellular phones, pagers, PDA's and other wireless devices.
  16. - An Internet portal that searches thousands of sources online and offline to highlight great deals. Top offers are gathered from every possible source.
  17. - Exciting celebrity interviews of your choice in full screen/full motion video.
  18. - A comprehensive site for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and environmentalists. More that 4,000 species of North American animals and plants are covered in text and photographs on the site, which features a search engine that enables users to easily identify species.

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