New Sites on the Web from Week of December 26, 2000

  1. Peppy's Pointe - Organize and personalize your Internet experience in the first graphical bookmarking service.
  2. Panda-Gram - Fujifilm has helped to bring a pair of giant pandas from China to Wash., D.C., where they will live at the National Zoo for the next ten years. Be the first to send a "Panda-Gram" to Tian Tian and Mei Xiang, the newly arrived giant pandas, or send a Panda Picture Postcard to a friend.
  3. Peoplestreet - Allows individuals to strengthen their social ties with friends and colleagues through the creation and exchange of electronic business cards, or LiveCards(TM), that turn existing, static electronic address books into dynamic, self-updating ones.
  4. - Members of Booksfree enjoy unlimited access to past and current best selling paperback novels. Members read and return the books in a prepaid mailer provided by booksfree. Books are returned at the member's leisure, as there are no required return dates or late fees. The company also sells books at a discount.
  5. K12 - The first Internet-based school for kindergarten through twelfth grade. K12 will offer a full curriculum as well as supplementary learning and assessment tools over the Internet. K12's first education products will be offered, and enrollment will commence, in the fall of 2001.
  6. 800 Predict - The site provides access to credible psychics that have read the charts of celebrities, helped solve police cases with clairvoyant capabilities and predicted the future for millions of individuals.
  7. - Lets parents register kids' medical histories online which will only be available to authorized doctors and caregivers via a secure Web site. Provides speedy access to up-to-date medical information, helping approved doctors and caregivers respond more quickly and effectively in an accident or emergency.
  8. - provides a directory of listings on virtually any subject. Visitors to the site who have questions are instantly connected by telephone to people who can answer them. The people providing answers are called KeenSpeakers. Each KeenSpeaker has a "call now" icon next to his or her listing. Visitors who click the icon are automatically connected to the KeenSpeaker for a live, private phone call. KeenSpeakers charge a per-minute fee.
  9. MyPalm - A portal site for mobile owners of the popular Palm handheld computers. Users visiting MyPalm portal on the Web can manage an online version of their personal calendars and contact lists, sign up for local events and movie listings, and aggregate views into such financial services as online bank accounts and frequent-flyer programs.
  10. - Find sales at stores and malls in your area. At the site you can define your "shopping zone" within a 25-mile radius. A listing of all malls within your defined area will pop up. Click on the name of any mall, and you will be told whether any deals or sales are in progress at that mall.
  11. Corelle - Introduced in 1970, Corelle Dinnerware products are known for their exceptional durability, design and quality. Corelle's unique lamination process -- compressing two different glass compositions -- results in a product that is far stronger than any other dinnerware. Consumers can view all Corelle patterns and accessories online.
  12. - An online career job site, hosts nearly 650,000 jobs from over 51,000 unique employers. contains the largest collection of jobs on the Internet, all gathered directly from employers' own Web sites.

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