New Sites on the Web from Week of December 27

  1. - Provides information on all publicly traded bankruptcies with assets over $50 million. The site currently covers all such companies filing for bankruptcy since 1995, a total of more than 500 companies.
  2. - A source for safety-related recalls of contaminated food and faulty products sold in the U.S.
  3. Boston Bow Tie - Features a complete selection of elegant, quality ties made from fine domestic and imported fabrics. All ties are constructed with superior reinforcement to eliminate tie wilt and prolong tie life.
  4. - An information management and online reminder service, helps users plan, remember and prepare for life's most important events. Features include event reminders, goals, a gift shop and wish list, along with personal calendar views to review by day, week and month.
  5. - The crew at EarthCam have assembled 100 Web-connected cameras to follow the arrival of New Year's Day around the globe. The company's "Webcast of the Century" includes 10 cams in Times Square alone, where supermodel Cindy Margolis will host the streaming-video festivities when the Year 2000 reaches New York.
  6. - Online guides to city governments, newspapers, magazines, and other media. New features include access to U.S. county governments online, presenting an organized guide to over 650 official county sites on the Web.
  7. - Internet site and resource center for people pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle. Provides users of all ages and skill level with news, information and personalized assistance on nutrition, training and fitness programs. Now winter athletes will have one-stop access to everything from where to go and what to buy, to how to prepare for such popular winter sports as downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.
  8. Gastroenterology Therapy Online - Provides a wealth of professional and patient resources, including the latest and most relevant journal articles, up-to-the-minute gastroenterology news from the Reuters news service, links to other web sites in the field and a comprehensive education section.
  9. - Designed to become a leading supplier of entertainment and news content over the Internet; is a home base for the rich diversity of entertainment that has emerged on the Internet - including films, TV, radio, sports, concerts, music videos, news programming, corporate Webcasts, interactive events, and more.
  10. - has opened its doors to all e-consumers that have had problems while shopping over the Net. Provides a dispute-resolution service that offers money back guarantees for consumers shopping at member sites, insured at Lloyd's of London. Consumers who have had negative on-line shopping experiences with any website may use the Automated Dispute Resolution System (AdDResS). Once a complaint has been filed on-line, contacts the merchant on the consumer's behalf.
  11. - A consumer-focused interactive web site, which provides safety and product information. Consumers can take an active role in protecting their families from dangerous or defective products. The purpose is to alert consumers quickly and conveniently when products they own are recalled.
  12. - The most comprehensive guide to live Web-based video and audio being assembled to jumpstart the next 1,000 years of human history, with comprehensive streaming video and audio links to large and small Year 2000 celebrations planet-wide. The Millennium Website offers a free one-stop central multimedia portal for visitors to experience the multitude of expected and unexpected New Year celebrations.
  13. - Offers a large catalogue of downloadable CliffsNotes titles. The site also offers a choice of free CliffsNotes-A-Day(TM) e-mail newsletters that provide free daily advice on the topics covered by the lifestyle series, ranging from getting on the Internet and creating Web pages to first-time investing and health insurance.
  14. - A focus on providing convenience and reduced cost to individuals with chronic conditions; features more than 15,000 drugstore and chronic disease products; also includes extensive and timely health information to assist individuals in making the best healthcare choices for themselves and their families.
  15. - The Internet's only Web site where teens and kids can trade their stuff in a protected environment. encourages parental supervision of trading by requiring parents to sign up for the service with their children.
  16. Technocopia - A consumer-oriented site covering the emerging "digital household infrastructure", with information on smart homes, home networks, smart toys and pet tech.
  17. Pulse Entertainment - Pulse Entertainment, pioneering the development of rich media for the Internet, announced the debut of Millennium Baby, a new addition to the famous Dancing Baby family that has developed a cult following on television and on the Web. Created fresh for 2000, the gyrating, diaper-clad infant has received a face lift for the new century -- complete with a new look, new moves and advanced viewing techniques.

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